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 Journals - Proceedings - 1995

Ecophysiology and Genetic Improvement


Recent Ecophysiological Advances for Opuntia ficus-indica and Other Cacti

Park S. Nobel

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Evaluation of Fruit Quality and Production of Cold-Hardy Opuntia Fruit Clones

John Parish and Peter Felker

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An Overview of Genetic Resources for Opuntia Production in Mexico

Eulogio Pimienta-Barrios

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Development of the Cactus Pear Industry in Argentina and Possibilities for Export to the United States

Judith Ochoa de Cornelli

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Marketing and Economic Analyses


Cactus Pear and Nopalito Production in Mexico

Claudio A. Flores V.

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Marketing Cactus to Restaurants

Jay McCarthy

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Merchandising, Distribution, and Marketing Nopalitos and Cactus Pears

Karen Caplan

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Nopalito Production


Organic Fertilization for Production of Young Tender Pads of Opuntia spp in Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Rigoberto E. Vasquez A. And Clemente Gallegos V.

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Evaluation of Fifteen Genotypes of Opuntia spp for Prickly Pear in Jalpa, Zacatecas, Mexico

C. Gallegos-Vasquez, R. D. Valdez-Cepeda, Fidel Blanco Macias, and R. E. Vazquez-A.

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Development of the Nopalito Industry in Texas (audio-visual presentation; no published paper)

Ernest Bippert


Effects of Cactus on Type II Diabetes


Clinical Trials with Opuntia to Control Diabetes (audio-visual presentation; no published paper)

Israel Casteneda Andrade


The Effect of Opuntia in Lowering Serum Glucose Among NIDDM Patients: A Systematic Review - Preliminary Findings

Gilbert Ramirez and Christine Aguilar

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Use of Cactus for Cattle Feed


Animal Feeding Trials with Opuntia in Northern Mexico (audio-visual presentation; no published paper)

Jesus Fuentes Rodriguez

Cultivated Cactus as Forage in the "Mixteca Poblana" Region of Mexico

Pedro Ponce Javana and Claudio Flores

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Suggestions for Mechanization of Harvesting Cactus for Cattle Feed

Gene Walker, Stan Brown, Darwin Baucum, and Peter Felker

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