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 Journals - Volume 10 - 2008

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Morphological Characterization of Opuntia spp.: A Multivariate Analysis

Cecilia B. Peña-Valdivia, Mario Luna-Cavazos, José A. Carranzas-Sabas, Juan A. Reyes-Agüero and Arnoldo Flores

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Yield and Growth of Green Cladodes of Prickly Pear (Opuntia ficus-indica) Cultivars under Different Plant Densities

Francisco Higinio Ruiz-Espinoza, Jesús Felipe Alvarado-Mendoza, Bernardo Murillo-Amador, José Luis García-Hernández, Roberto Pargas-Lara,Juan de Dios Duarte-Osuna, F. Alfredo Beltrán-Morales, Liborio Fenech-Larios

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Response to Freezing and High Temperatures of Detached Cladodes from Opuntia Species

Mariano A. Cony, Juan C. Guevara, Sinibaldo O. Trione and Oscar R. Estevez

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Inclusion of Cactus Pear Cladodes in Diets for Finishing Lambs in México

Gilberto Aranda-Osorio, Claudio A. Flores-Valdez, F. Macario Cruz-Miranda

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TituEffects of Salt Stress, Proline and Polyamines and Seed Germination of Opuntia streptacanthalo

Ana E. Ochoa-Alfaro, Claudia O. Silva-Ortega, Alicia Becerra-Flora, Joel Flores-Rivas, and Juan F. Jimenez-Bremont

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Morphological Seed Traits and Germination of Six Species of Pachycereeae (Cactaceae)

Sofía Loza-Cornejo, Lauro López-Mata, and Teresa Terrazas

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Thermal Process Time and Sensory Evaluation for Canned Cactus Pear Nectar

S.K. El-Samahy, H.A El-Mansy, H. E. Bahlol, A. I. El-Desouky, and A. E. Ahmed

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Physical and Physiological Changes in Low-Temperature-Stored Pitahaya Fruit (Hylocereus undatus)

Joel Corrales-García, and Eduardo Canche-Canche

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Mortar Improvement Using Nopal Additive

J.B. Hernández-Zaragoza, A. Coronado-Márquez, T. López-Lara, and J. Horta-Rangel

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Mejoramiento de Morteros a Través de Nopal

J.B. Hernández-Zaragoza, A. Coronado-Márquez, T. López-Lara, y J. Horta-Rangel

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Tissue Osmotic Potential and Membranes Permeability of Nopalitos (Oppuntia spp.) Affected by Changes in Soil Water Potential

Mayra T. García Ruiz, Cecilia B. Peña-Valdivia, Carlos Trejo, Salvador Valle Guadarrama, Joel Corrales-García and Rodolfo García-Nava

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"Opuntia dillenii" - An Interesting and Promising Cactaceae Taxon

Hartmut Böhm

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A Review of Apllied Opuntia Forage Production Technologies and Costs for Northeastern Brazil

Paulo Suassuna

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Survival and Sprouts of Prickly Pear (Opuntia ficus-indica) Using Minimal Fractions

Jaime Solano y Agustín Orihuela

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