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 Journals - Volume 12 - 2010

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Postharvest changes in weight loss and quality of cactus pear fruit undergoing reproductive bud thinning

Jorge A. Zegbe and Jaime Mena–Covarrubias

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Effect of light on seed germination of succulent species from the southern Chihuahuan Desert: comparing germinability and relative light germination

Angélica Jiménez–Aguilar and Joel Flores

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Ecophysiological responses of Opuntia to water stress under various semi–arid environments

Julia Zañudo–Hernández, Eugenia González del Castillo Aranda, Blanca C. Ramírez–Hernández, Enrique Pimienta–Barrios, Isaac Castillo–Cruz, Eulogio Pimienta–Barrios

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Effect of vapor heat treatments on weight loss reduction and epicuticular changes in six varieties of cactus pear fruit (Opuntia spp.)

Joaquín López–Castañeda, Joel Corrales–García, Teresa Terrazas–Salgado, Teresa Colinas–León

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Fruit characters among apomicts and sexual progeny of a cross of the Texas native Opuntia lindheimerii (1250) with a commercial fruit type Opuntia ficus–indica (1281)

Peter Felker, R. Zapata, X. Wang, Diego Medina, Ronald Bunch, Andrew Paterson

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Prickly pear changes 111indium–LDL and 111indium–HDL platelet binding Correlating to improvement of platelet function in hypercholesterolemia

Anthony Oguogho, Yannis Efthimiou, Jorgos Iliopoulos, Jorgos Stomatopoulos, Hossein Ahmadzadehfar, Peter Schmid, Dietmar Steinbrenner and Helmut Sinzinger

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Detección automática de la apertura y el cierre de las flores de Mammillaria mathildae Kraehenb. & Krainz

Pablo Vera–Alfaro, Joaquín Salas–Rodríguez, Roberto Manduchi, Emiliano Sánchez–Martínez

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Use of the elliptical mathematical formula to estimate the surface area of cladodes in four varieties of Opuntia ficus–indica

Martín E. Tiznado–Hernández, Judith Fortiz–Hernández, Ángel J. Ojeda–Contreras and Armida Rodríguez–Félix

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Enhancement of economical value of nopal and its fruits through biotechnology

Andrés Cruz–Hernández and Octavio Paredes–López

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Preference mapping and rheological properties of four nopal (Opuntia spp.) cultivars

Ayne O. Calvo–Arriaga, Arturo Hernández–Montes, Cecilia B. Peña–Valdivia, Joel Corrales–García and Eleazar Aguirre–Mandujano

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Betalain extraction from Hylocereus polyrhizus for natural food coloring purposes

Nassim Naderi, F.C. Stintzing, H.M. Ghazali, Yazid A. Manap and S.D. Jazayeri

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Molecular analysis of sexual and asexual genetic variation of two sympatric Agave angustifolia varieties

Antonia Gutiérrez–Mora, Juan P.R. Arana–Gutiérrez, Ernesto Tapia–Campos, Benjamín Rodríguez–Garay

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Vascular wilt caused by Fusarium oxysporum in agave (Agave tequilana Weber var. azul)

Martín E. Ávila–Miranda, José G. López–Zazueta, Carlos Arias–Castro, Martha A. Rodríguez–Mendiola, Doralinda A. Guzmán–de Peña, José A. Vera–Núñez, and Juan J. Peña–Cabriales

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Seed germination of Opuntia species from an aridity gradient in Central Mexico

Lourdes Romo–Campos, José L. Flores–Flores, Joel Flores, and Gregorio Álvarez–Fuentes

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