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 Journals - Volume 18 - 2016

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Changes in physical and chemical properties of Opuntia dillenii fruits during the growing stages

Amal A. Gaballah; Hassan El-Sayed Embaby*; Yahya S. Hamed; Salah K. El-Samahy.

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The importance of native bees, especially cactus bees (Diadasia spp) in the pollination of cactus pears

Peter Felker* and Ron Bunch

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Replacement of gelatin with liquid Opuntia ficus-indica mucilage in marshmallows. Part 1: Physical parameters

L. Du Toit, C. Bothma, M. De Wit*, and A. Hugo

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Replacement of gelatin with Opuntia ficus-indica mucilage in flavored pink and unflavored white marshmallows. Part 2: Consumer liking

L. Du Toit, C. Bothma, M. De Wit*, and A. Hugo

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Effects of compost level in soil and season on the production and composition of cactus varieties

Santos-Haliscak, J. A.1*, Kawas, J. R.1, Fimbres-Durazo, H.1, Moreno-Degollado, G.1, Vazquez-Alvarado, R.E.1, Olivares-Saenz, E.1, Andrade-Montemayor, H.2

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Molecular characterization of Turkish cactus pear (Opuntia spp.) by RAPD Markers

Mehmet Tütüncü*, Özhan Şimşek, Yıldız Aka Kaçar, Ayzin B. Küden

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Genetic diversity of 33 forage cactus pear accessions based on Principal Component Analysis

Saleem K. Nadaf*., Safa'a M. Al-Farsi., Saleh A. Al-Hinai, Aliya S. Al-Hinai, Abdul Aziz S. Al-Harthy, Saif A. Al-Khamisi and Ahmed N. Al-Bakri.

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Production and trends of scientific research on cactus pear in mainstream journals

Ángel Bravo-Vinaja and Santiago de Jesús Méndez-Gallegos*

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