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 Journals - Volume 6 - 2004

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Some Physical Fruit Properties of Cactus Pear (Opuntia spp) That Grow Wild in the Eastern Mediterranean Region of Turkey

Ersan Karababa,Yalçin Coskuner and Salih Aksay

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Cactus Pear: A Fruit Of Nutraceutical And Functional Importance

Antonio Piga

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Production and Quality of Nopalitos in the Comarca Lagunera Region of Mexico in Relation to Price in the Domestic Market

Arnoldo Flores-Hernández, Ignacio Orona-Castillo, Bernardo Murillo-Amador, Ricardo David Valdez-Cepeda and José Luis García-Hernández

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Effect Of Various Water Application Strategies On Root Development of Opuntia ficus-indica and O. robusta Under Greenhouse Growth Conditions

H. A. Snyman

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Nutrient Content of Opuntia Forage Clones in the Mendoza Plain, Argentina

Juan C. Guevara, Jorge H. Silva Colomer, and Oscar R. Estevez

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Compositional Nutrient Diagnosis In Nopal (Opuntia ficus-indica)

Rafael Magallanes-Quintanar, Ricardo David Valdez-Cepeda, Fidel Blanco-Macías, Miguel Márquez-Madrid, Raúl René Ruíz-Garduño, Oscar Pérez-Veyna, José Luis García-Hernández, Bernardo Murillo-Amador, José Dimas López-Martínez, and Enrique Martínez-Rubín de Celis

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Extracción Nutrimental de Nopal-Verdura Bajo Condiciones de Riego por Goteo Mineral Extraction of Green Prickly Pear Cactus Under Drip Irrigation

Ignacio Orona-Castillo, José Antonio Cueto-Wong, Bernardo Murillo-Amador, Jesús Santamaría-César, Arnoldo Flores-Hernández, Ricardo David Valdez-Cepeda, José Luis García-Hernández, Enrique Troyo-Diéguez

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Sensory Influence of Chemical Additives in Peeled Cactus Pears (Opuntia ficus-indica (L.) Miller) in Syrup Conserved by Combined Methods

Cerezal, P. and Duarte, G.

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