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 Journals - Volume 8 - 2006

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Cactus Pear Fruits (Opuntia spp.): A Review of Processing Technologies and Current Uses

Markus R. Moßhammer, Florian C. Stintzing, and Reinhold Carle

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Reproductive Isolation in Fragmented Wild Populations of Opuntia streptacantha

Alejandro Muñoz-Urias, Guadalupe Palomino-Hasbach, Francisco Martín Huerta-Martínez, Eulogio Pimienta-Barrios, And Blanca C. Ramírez-Hernandez

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Chemical and Rheological Characteristics of Orange-Yellow Cactus-Pear Pulp from Egypt

S. K. El-Samahy, E. A. Abd El-Hady, R. A. Habiba, and T. E. Moussa.

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Macrophysiological Responses of Two Forage Opuntia Species to Salt Stress

Mariano A. Cony, Sinibaldo O. Trione, and Juan C. Guevara

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Sampling Procedure to Determine the Nitrogen Content in Opuntia ficus-indica Cladodes

Juan C. Guevara, Sinibaldo O. Trione, Oscar R. Estevez, and Mariano A. Cony

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Health Benefits and Bioactive Components of the Fruits from Opuntia ficus-indica [L.] Mill

Maria A. Livrea and Lisa Tesoriere

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Stimulation and Promotion of Germination in Opuntia ficus-indica Seeds

Mariela Altare, Sinibaldo Trione, Juan C. Guevara, and Mariano Cony

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