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 Journals - Volume 19 - 2017

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Genetic diversity in Opuntia spp. cultivated for forage production

Giuseppina Las Casas, Nicoletta Zingale, Gaetano Distefano, Marco Caruso, Elisabetta Nicolosi, Alessandra Gentile, Stefano La Malfa*

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Meat and milk quality of sheep and goat fed with cactus pear

A.V. Cordova-Torres, R. G. Costa*, J. T. Araújo Filho, A. N. Medeiros and H.M. Andrade-Montemayor

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A study on biochemical properties of different parts of three Opuntia species (Opuntia ficus-indica, O. microdasys, and O. basilaris)

Ehya Pasandide Talemi and Shahram Sedaghathoor*

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Physicochemical and sensory characterization of meat from Santa Ines sheep fed with cactus forage (Opuntia ficus indica mill)

Roberto Germano Costa*, Ana Gabriela P.Cordeiro, Marcone Geraldo Costa, Rita de Cassia R.E. Queiroga, Paulo Sérgio Azevedo, Geovergue Rodrigues Medeiros, Francisco F.R.Carvalho.

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Solvent pre-treatment effect on germination of creeping devil cactus (Stenocereus eruca) seeds

Pablo Misael Arce-Amezquita, María Antonieta Cota-Carballo, Francisco Higinio Ruiz-Espinoza, Bernardo Murillo-Amador, Felix Alfredo Beltrán- Morales *

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Effect of salinity on seed germination, growth and metabolic activity of pitaya seedlings [Stenocereus thurberi (Engelm.) Buxb.]

Antonio Orozco, Alfonso A. Gardea, Agustín Rascón-Chu, and Alfonso Sánchez*

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Maximum fruit number and weight in relation to length and width of fruiting cladode in Opuntia albicarpa (l.) Scheinvar variety 'Cristalina'

Fidel Blanco-Macías; Santiago de Jesús Méndez-Gallegos; Rafael Magallanes-Quintanar; Miguel Márquez-Madrid; Federico Villarreal- Guerrero; Marco Andrés López-Santiago, Ricardo David Valdez-Cepeda*

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