Producing ice cream with concentrated cactus pear pulp: A preliminary study


  • S.K. El-Samahy
  • K.M. Youssef
  • T.E. Moussa-Ayoub



Cactus pear pulp, ice cream, rheological properties, sensory evaluation.


Red cactus pear (Opuntia ficus–indica) pulp was tested for some technological and chemical
characteristics. The pulp was concentrated up to 30°Brix then added at four levels (0, 5, 10 and
15%) to basic ice cream mix. The basic mix contained 0.5% gelatin, 8% fat and 10.5% milk solids
non–fat (MSNF), and 16% sucrose. Some of rheological parameters of both mixes and resultant ice
cream samples, in addition to some technological characteristics of resultant ice cream samples
were measured. The rheological properties of all ice cream mixes before and after aging showed
that the flow behavior of mixes is non–Newtonian besides being pseudoplastic behavior. While
specific gravity and weight per gallon of resultant ice cream samples increased by increasing of
added pulp, overrun decreased. Sensory evaluation of resultant ice cream samples showed that
sample with 5% cactus was very desirable and very close to control sample. This work shows the
possibility of producing a new product of ice cream using cactus pear pulp as a good fruit substitute.






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