Exploring the attitudes of consumers towards a sustainable cactus-based paint (Opuntia spp)


  • Deidad Jazareth Reyes-Ulloa Department of Administrative and Economic Sciences, University of Sonora
  • Dena María Camarena-Gómez Accounting Department, University of Sonora
  • Lizbeth Salgado-Beltrán Department of Economics, University of Sonora




Cactus product; consumer conduct; home paint


Sustainable products are alternatives to conventional products that encompass consumer needs, environmental protection, and health. In this context, the objective of this study was to evaluate the attitudes of consumers towards a sustainable product of cactus (Opuntia spp) based paint for a possible commercialization. The research consisted of several stages, among them are: 1) Preparation of the product; 2) Design of the measuring instrument and 3) Testing of the product. For stage 2, 212 surveys were applied, where besides knowledge and perception questions, valid scales in the literature of Domain Specific Innovativeness (DSI) and Health Consciousness (HCS) were considered. Stage 3 was performed with 32 people. With the information gathered, descriptive and bi-variant analyses were conducted. The findings showed that sociodemographic characteristics such as age, income, and marital status may influence consumer attitudes toward an innovative product such as cactus-based paint. Similarly, awareness, involvement, and health valuation positively influence consumer choices, which are key elements in consumer motivation when buying a sustainable product such as the cactus-based paint. Once the consumer was in direct contact with the product and after the corresponding correlated tests, the most valuable attributes among the participants were: hypoallergenic (4.66), sustainable (4.63) and color range (4.63). Overall, the results show that there is an interest from consumers to products that reduce environmental impact and take health into account. However, it is necessary to deliver to the consumer detailed product information for better acceptance and market success.

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