Replacement of gelatin with liquid Opuntia ficus-indica mucilage in marshmallows. Part 1: Physical parameters


mucilage; xanthan; agar-agar; gelatin; marshmallows; Opuntia ficus-indica


The objective of this study was to replace gelatin in marshmallows with different
concentrations of fluid mucilage, combined with different concentrations of powdered
hydrocolloids. Nine different formulations were prepared: control (100% gelatin); 75%
mucilage + 25% xanthan (MX); 75% mucilage + 25% agar-agar (MA); 75% mucilage + 25%
guar (MG); 80% mucilage + 20% xanthan (8M2X); 80% mucilage + 20% agar-agar (8M2A);
80% mucilage + 20% guar (8M2G); 75% mucilage + 12.5% xanthan + 12.5% agar-agar (MXA);
75% mucilage + 12.5% xanthan + 12.5% guar (MXG); and 75% mucilage + 12.5% agar-agar
+ 12.5% guar (MAG). Consistency, texture, tenderness of gel and shear measurements were
determined, along with color (L* values, as well as C* and Hº values) and aw. There were
significant (p<0.05) differences between the different samples for all measurements. The best
formulation for gelatin replacement was found to be the 75% mucilage + 12.5% xanthan +
12.5% agar combination (MXA), as it only differed significantly (p<0.05) from the control (100%
gelatin) sample in regard to shear, as measured by the Warner Bratzler Shear. It was
significantly (p<0.05) less tender and resembled the shear of commercially available
marshmallows in South Africa. All samples had a light, greyish yellow color.



18-11-2016 — Updated on 20-06-2020



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